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Fitness Classes in Rancho Cordova

We are excited to share the new offerings at the gym to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether you want to get in shape and lose a few pounds, compete in a marathon, or become a power lifter, we are here for you! Our team of health and wellness professionals are dedicated to your well-being. A little faith and a lot of sweat is all you need.

Hello, my name is Kevin Quinn. I'm the owner of Anytime Fitness where our WarriorFit program is held. Much is written about the stress-reducing benefits of functional fitness and there are seemingly countless peer reviewed studies describing and delineating the many improvements functional fitness brings to our lives: lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, better insulin response, greater cardiovascular health, etc., all leading to a fuller and longer life.
While all these benefits are obviously ones we want, there is an experience available to us that comes from learning to properly and powerfully hit (punch, kick, knee, elbow) that doesn’t get fully described. I’ve been training in martial arts for 43 years and in all that time, I have never met anyone, and I’ve taught many over the years, that didn’t smile from a deep, soul-filled place within them once they learned this priceless tool of personal therapy and applied it regularly. There is that within us that is served only through forceful, fully supported and encouraged expression.

The frustrations of life can be mitigated and managed in many ways. Being able to strike something that doesn't cause harm to anything or anyone (including ourselves!) is a priceless endeavor that will not only bring you great physical health, a leaner, stronger, more flexible body, but a calmer heart and mind, ready and willing to embrace life with more peace and equanimity. I invite you to enter our club and discover for yourself what needs expression in you.

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